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Spiritual abundance and Law of Attraction coach, intuitive and Archangel Michael channel, energy healer and hypnotherapist Sage will reveal how you can (finally!) move forward into more prosperity, passion and purpose than ever. This is THE manifestation information you need, especially if you have already been using Law of Attraction and are wondering "What's taking so long?"…Looking at your life and wondering "Now what?" Find out how to prosper, thrive and shine!

Intuitive Readings including the PsyCAM!
Love, Abundance, Life Purpose, Spirit Guides,
Past Lives, Archangel Michael Channeling


Sage conducted a PsyCAM session with me and I was amazed by her insight and moved by the love that pours out of her heart and permeates everything that she writes and says. Her prayers are beyond beautiful and her knowledge about what my body, mind, and spirit need to heal and flourish deeply resonated with me. I would highly recommend the PsyCAM session to ANYONE….no matter how healthy they think they are. The extra knowledge about why you are, who you are, and where you are going is empowering in such a positive and safe way. I am deeply grateful to Sage and the precious gifts she shared with me.
~Dr. Lori Siemens


I AM Sage, and I know you were guided here for a reason today.

For the past 16 years, I have served as a midwife to the soul, helping thousands of people find greater love – above all, within themselves and in their lives, by improving health, wealth and relationships, increasing inner peace, intuition and spiritual connection, and aligning with their passionate life purpose.

I AM a Personal Transformation Catalyst. What does that mean? Drawing upon Eastern and Western spiritual traditions, intuitively channeled messages personalized for you right now, and mind-body medicine, I help you get aligned with WHO YOU REALLY ARE, so you experience more prosperity, love and happiness NOW.

My clients have offered many descriptions of me over the years:
Shaman with Heart. Intuitive HypnoCoach. Messenger of Love. Earth Angel. Love Amplifier.

The bottom line is this:
I move energy!

I AM an Archangel Michael channel. A holistic shamanic and Reiki Master healer. An author, spiritual teacher, altered states and meditation expert, clinical hypnotherapist and life coach. I specialize in LIFE PURPOSE, ABUNDANCE, SPIRITUALITY and RELATIONSHIPS. Together with my husband, Mark Goddard, CMT, I also offer a variety of holistic healing services and therapies, workshops, products and programs.

Bottom Line:
I can help you leap through your Golden Portal
- into your dream life!

Archangel Michael wants you to know:
You did not come here to suffer or struggle.
You are a precious child of Spirit.
You are lovable, worthy and good, simply because you ARE.

I know that you came here to let the light of Spirit shine through you, to be filled and overflowing with the love you truly ARE. And you deserve to enJOY a life of love, vibrant health, abundance and happiness.

If you resonate with the energy of these words,
I AM honored to assist you on your path.

So if you want positive change and you want it now, if you are done repeating the same old patterns that don’t work for you, if you are ready to do what it takes to create the life and love of your dreams, I can help you.
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The re-SOURCEs you will find here reconnect you with Source.


What makes our work unique is that everything we do is heart-centered, Spirit-guided and Love-based.

"Look at every path closely and deliberately, then ask ourselves this crucial question: Does this path have a heart? If it does, then the path is good. If it doesn't, it is of no use." – Carlos Castaneda

We are not here to impose our path on you or judge you. We are here to help you love and heal yourself, because all healing is ultimately self-healing, and self-love is the key. We are here to help you release what no longer serves, with forgiveness, receive your heart’s desire, with gratitude, and above all, remember the Love you truly are!

Right here, right now, you are in the right place if:

• You feel stuck, ill, worn-out or disheartened, overwhelmed or stressed by the pace of your life. You want more inner peace, health, life balance and true happiness.

• You have spent many years alone…or in unsatisfying relationships. I will help you experience deep heart healing so you can turn the wounds from your past into wisdom, clarify your heart's desire and successfully use Law of Attraction so you can find your right soulmate… or improve your relationship.

• You are still wondering "What do I really want to do when I grow up?" You are eager to discover your purpose and right livelihood. You want to do work that is passionately creative, "love in action" -- and prosper at the same time.

• You are experiencing great spiritual growth and curiosity about the metaphysical world. You want to connect more with your angels and guides and develop your own intuitive skills and connection with Spirit.

• You have already done a LOT of work on yourself. And you're not a kid anymore. You're older and wiser, and overall have a good life. But some areas of your life are still not satisfying. You're wondering, "Now what?" You know there must be more, more love, more happiness, more inner peace. You're just not sure how to find it.

• YOU ARE READY … to get even more in love – with LIFE!

Depending on your needs, budget and location, you can begin with very affordable home-study products including books, audios and courses; attend events including workshops in the Sacramento area, Internet teleseminars and channeled TelAttunements™ featuring the wisdom of Archangel Michael; or join a women’s empowerment and abundance group coaching program – P3 Prosperity, Passion & Purpose!.

(Sorry, guys, my current group coaching program is for women only!)

If you sense that you need more individual healing and guidance, you will receive optimal results via private healing sessions, readings or coaching for full support.

Because this is holistic, deep Body-Mind-Heart-and-Soul healing on ALL levels, because you receive higher guidance from Source, because you are supported to really move forward and take inspired action, you will experience a positive shift quickly.

receive training in the life-enhancing practices that will keep you on your own best path for years to come.

My husband, Mark Goddard, CMT, and I offer a wide variety of programs, products and healing services that are proven to work, drawn from Eastern and Western traditions as well as mind-body medicine, consciousness studies, quantum Law of Attraction practices and intuitive channeling.

Modalities include massage, hypnotherapy, meditation, Reiki, aura and chakra energy healing, spiritual clearing, shamanic healing including soul retrieval, intuitive readings, messages from your angels, star cousins, animal totems, and ascended masters, and personalized training in self-healing, self-love, manifestation and spiritual development. Which is right for you right now? You may already have an inner "YES!"…a sense of light and hope and excitement as you read these words.


We are the creators of several NEW healing/reading methods you will not find anywhere else on the planet! This includes the:

PsyCAM™ Psychic Chakra Aura Map,
OHM™- Omnidimensional Healing Modality,
The 8-Point Hawaiian Reiki Healing™, and
Yin-Yang HypnoReikissage.

All readings, coaching and training
and most healing sessions are available:

• By Phone
• By Skype
• Via Email
• In-Person

Explore these pages and notice what draws you the most right now. Here’s an overview of what you will find in some of the sections. Click on any subtitle to read more about ALL choices (i.e. Healings, Readings, Coaching, Products) or click on any specific option.

Not Sure Where To Start? - Start Here First:
If you are not sure where to start, Sage recommends you begin with the
PsyCAM reading so we have the higher guidance of Spirit/Source to cocreate the perfect program for you. PsyCAM covers ALL areas of your life: past, present, future, Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit, and reveals all the information you need for your success in love, abundance and more.


Reiki, Massage or Reikissage with Mark

Shamanic Healing – Soul Retrieval, Power Animal Journey

Omnidimensional Healing Modality (OHM) - Sage's MOST powerful healing session! Includes Soul Retrieval, Past-Life Regression, Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing & Channeling! Heals core issues.

8-Point Hawaiian Reiki Healing – Hawaiian shamanic healing with Reiki

Energetic Attunements – For Love, Wealth & Life Purpose

Soul Family, Soul Mate Twin Flame Reunion Journey

Yin-Yang HypnoReikissage

Hypnotherapy for inner peace, successful surgery, increased motivation, health, wealth and joy.

Past-Life Regression and Healing – Who were you before? How does that shape who you are today – and how can you turn the wounds into wisdom?

True Nourishment Therapy – Hypnotherapy and coaching for Healthy Weight, Eating & Exercise.

A few healing modalities can only be done in person because they involve hands-on healing.
Click here to learn more about all the healings available.


Click on any title for more information.

* * *

PSYCAM – Psychic Chakra Aura Map

"The most comprehensive reading you will ever have."

Personalized, channeled colored drawing with helpful messages from your guides and angels. PsyCAM reveals your current energetic condition and precise healing remedies and spiritual practices you need, information about your spirit guides, past lives, aura, destiny, and all aspects of your life! Sage is the only person on Planet Earth doing this total soul and chakra reading.

Higher Love Path Alignment & Readings – for Singles or Couples

"Who Am I?" Destiny Reading – Akashic Wisdom Temple Journey
For Soul Purpose, Right Livelihood & Abundance

Third-Eye Opening & Guide Reconnection
Discover your sacred symbol, enhance your intuitive abilities for clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, receive a healing and enlightening gift from your spirit guide and find out how to connect with your guide (can be angel, animal, Native American, etc.)

Focused Reading on Any Personal Issue

NEW! Personalized Channeling with Archangel Michael and/or your angels & guides


Individual: Sage will create a customized personal transformation coaching program for you based on your needs and desires. Private coaching programs range from 3 to 12 months and focus on helping you achieve your potential, PROSPER, THRIVE & SHINE! True abundance and success is more than just attracting more money. It's also about living a more balanced, joyful life of creativity, vibrant energy and soulful service. Sage can help you get clear and get in gear to go through your Golden Portal into your best life! Click here for more information.

Group: Sage is now offering Prosperity, Passion, Purpose (P3) – A Women’s Transformation Group Coaching Program. Meets weekly by teleseminar and includes telecoaching plus TelAttunements™, channeled meditations and energetic healings over the phone. Also includes private group website, 40 Days to Prosperity Consciousness e-course and all the audios you need for abundance, life purpose, creativity, self-love, more life balance and joy. Now enrolling! Click here for details.


Throughout the year, Sage teaches workshops and gives dynamic lectures on the subjects of Aligning with Abundance (Beyond the Law of Attraction), Radical Self-Love, Meditation and Stress Reduction, Soulmates and Divine Love, Higher Consciousness and Intuitive Development. Click here and sign up for our newsletter to receive invitations and discount passes. Contact Sage directly if you would like her to present at your conference or provide a workshop in your area.


Audios Are Available By CD or MP3 Instant Download

For Law of Attraction and Manifesting Abundance:

Aligning with Abundance HypnoMeditation Audio

Happy Money! 143 Abundance Affirmations Audio

Manifest My Dream Job Guided Meditation Audio

The Prosperity Power Pack! Your Ultimate Wealth-Building Kit -
Includes all 3 Law of Attraction audios PLUS the Aligning with Abundance Action Guide, all 143 affirmations printed out and more.

For Health:(Coming soon!)

Healthy Weight & Eating Hypnosis Audio

Successful Surgery & Speedy Recovery Hypnosis Audio

For Love & Happiness:

The HeartLight Meditation & Unconditional Self-Love Guided Journey

SAGE'S BOOK! The Radical Self-Love Workbook

"Empowering exercises for enhancing self-love that are uniquely practical, inspirational and revolutionary. This book is an immersion into seeing yourself and your life experience through the eyes of love."

- Dr. John Hibscher, Ph.D.

160 big pages. Packed with 62 transformational exercises that will change your life!

"The ultimate journey is within,
to discover that you are already home."
~ Sage

The moment of choice, the moment of change is now.
Love is a choice.
Happiness is a choice.
Abundance is a choice.
What would Love do right now?
l i s t e n . . .

If you said ÒYes!Ó, Love and Spirit is about to become one of your favorite websites.

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Bright blissings on your path of Love and Light! Sage and Mark

Sage is a Personal Transformation Catalyst who moves energy to get you unstuck so you experience more prosperity, love and happiness NOW. She is an Archangel Michael channel, shamanic and Reiki Master healer, author, hypnotherapist and life coach specializing in life purpose, abundance, spirituality and relationships.

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Mark Goddard provides hands-on intuitive holistic, shamanic healing through therapeutic massage. He is also a Reiki Master. As a healer, he focuses on energy points throughout the body, with a strong focus on the spine. His practice combines a variety of traditional body work modalities such as Trager, Swedish, Deep tissue, Reflexology, Lymphatic release and Accupressure with methods he has personally developed to provide an experience that is customized to you and your situation.

If you are really ready to PROSPER, THRIVE AND SHINE, contact Sage today at

Archangel Michael Channel SAGE is an Intuitive Abundance, Life Purpose & Business Acceleration Coach, internationally acclaimed author, spiritual teacher and dynamic speaker specializing in helping Lightworkers and women make more money by making a much bigger difference (and vice-versa!).

The creatrix of the “Prosperous Goddess” program, Sage has helped thousands worldwide leap into more joy, more love, more freedom and more abundance.

SAGE’s first book, The Radical Self-Love Workbook, is now in 9 countries. SAGE has been featured at many venues including radio, television and has shared the stage with T. Harv Eker and Marianne Williamson at Peak Potentials. Sage is also a clinical hypnotherapist, Third-Degree Usui Reiki Master and Teacher, ordained interfaith minister, mystic poet, and soul healer via Intuitive Angelic Miracle Healing (I AM Healing™) & Omnidimensional Healing Modality™ (OHM), both of which were channeled through her. She is currently the ONLY provider of these exponentially powerful healing methods on the planet.

She has been repeatedly accused of being a transformation CATALYST who will stop at nothing to help her clients get clear and in gear for their best lives - their blessed lives, so frankly, you should only work with her if you are ready to move some energy and get unstuck FAST! (You have been warned ☺)

Sage is also the creator/channel for the PsyCAM™ - Psychic Chakra Aura Map, the comprehensive soul intuitive reading that is a clear, empowering blueprint for improving every area of your life, as well as the Aligning with Abundance™ reprogramming audio. After overcoming bankruptcy, disability and homelessness, SAGE joyfully earns six figures doing what she loves while enjoying her 2 children, her Husky rescue dog, and an indescribably wonderful marriage with her Twin Flame soulmate near Sacramento, CA.

Look, let's save you some time. SAGE's credentials can go on for pages and pages, so... Since she and AAM are known more for levity than brevity, let's just put it this way:
Sage, The Prosperous Goddess, is the Midlife Midwife to Your Soul's Rebirth!

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You were guided here for a reason today!

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Aligning With Abundance!
The ONLY Quantum HypnoMeditation
Chakra Attunement Audio
For a Life of Purpose, Prosperity, Balance & Joy!

Sage's New Book
Is Out.
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"The Radical Self-Love Workbook:
Tools For Your Total Transformation"

"The love just jumps
off the page!"
-W. W.

"Practical, revolutionary and inspirational."
- Dr. John Hibscher, Ph.D.

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